Bad Bad Belgium

February 2024

Bad Bad Belgium is an animated documentary that we made along with the nice people of AKA de Mensen (writers and producers) for Streamz. It's a tad fictionalised for dramatic effect with three distinct parts about untold or purposefully forgotten Belgian history;

Perfection and 'to market strategy' of XTC in the early 90's by a Belgian medical doctor who suffers the consequence of choosing a life of crime,
2nd ep. is about TenBel, one of the first resort destinations in the 60's and the blueprint for the canary island chain as a holiday destination, before crashing and literally burning in the 80's,
and the story of how one man was instrumental in brokering the sale of massive amounts of Belgian controlled uranium without which the first generation of atom bombs would have been impossible to make, makingat least two civillian locations in Belgium and the US radioactive to this day.

We spent the better part of a year along with a great team creating, soryboarding, designing animating and dispair-ing over this sucker, but it was all worth it. Look at its marvelous beauty beautifully marvelling! Can’t show the whole thing obviously, go get a vpn, a Belgian streamz account and watch on repeat! Update: it made the Annecy filmfest selection, amazing!

Presenting the VI awards of excellence in participation and completion

Best animation design and beautifulness
Jonas Wellens,
Wouter Medaer,
Thomas Vangeel
Maxim Defossez
Salvatore Volpe
Axelle Govaerts
Floris Thijs
Julian Cielen
Christophe Davids
Debora Lauwers
Malou de Jonghe
Merel Ghyssaert
Best making sure everybody does his job

Lyn Bleyen
Best directing-scriptwriting-antwerping

Jasper Declercq
Best production company
AKA De Mensen
Tom Willems
Eline Rousseau
Rana Cools
Best and most correct journalism

Tom Pardoen

Best Soundtrack ever
We Hear Different
Best sticking out of neck for commissioning animated docu series
Jules Duys / Streamz

Best acting of the voice
Peter van den Begin
Liesa Van Der Aa
Gene Bervoets
Best color grading crash course and assistance

Best let me tell you this story
Wim Gombeer
Jan Vanbriel