The Sore Losers - Gracias Señor

October 2018

We created surrealistic album artwork for TSL’s new record, inspired by all kinds of weird stuff and designed to trigger intrigue without delivering a fixed message. We like to call it Evil Spanish Latin Excecutiveness. Created with real props and a big lens right here in our studio.

While we were at it we also made a track video from every design for the entire album

Even though design is not our core business, we also did some posters and other promotional work, like T shirts and a branded food and beverage spinoff.

Needless to say this was all jolly good fun, so we also did a classic karaoke music video and four guerilla mockumentary teasers about the drummer’s pursuit of love and happiness.

Concept, Direction, Animation, Production
Visuals Internationals
Thomas Vangeel
Set Dressing
Ruth Verbruggen
Jurgen Geevels
The Sore Losers