Showreel 2k18

October 2018

Doin' the 'ol video thingamaging for three years straight now sure feels like the wild west sometimes, saddle up and enjoy the view of VI: Year Three

Featuring last years projects we're fond of, in writing, directing, producing, shooting, editing, concept developping and animating.  


Roland XS-HD explainer
Wanted spot
United Music Of Brussels spot
B-Classic trailer 
Genk on stage spot
Animalitis ident
Matchmakers ident
Discophilia Belgica teaser
AEA Mics intro
Statue - E music video
Faces On TV teaser
Absolutely Free Festival 2018 teaser
Play & Produce spot
The Bony King Of Nowhere - Silent Days music video
Canvas Belpop & Congo - explainer
The Sore Losers - Gracias señor album art


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Dries Van Broeck
Thomas Vangeel
Joren Peters
Jurgen Geevels
B camera/assistent
Stijn Bogaerts
Lennart Janssen
Set Dressing
Ruth Verbruggen