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These brands have been happily and successfully Visually Internationalised before.

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The Team

Visuals Internationals is a creative animation and live action studio defying common market logic by maintaining to exist since 2016. We’re an explorative space for like minded individuals to challenge each other and push for experimentation, and also get the job done.

We want to create the best work possible and help our clients tell their stories. We co-create with our clients and partners, making stuff that just works either through impactful messages or through the happiness we spread in the way we tell them. We also like the occasional inside joke, long alpaca walks along the Northern Spanish seaboard, and karaoke. We always think neatly inside the box, the odd cornered box of limitless potential and Schroederian possibility that is!

Do we sound like the studio you would like to work with, or would like some more pseudo intellectual mumbo jumbo? Feel free to contact us for a “quote”, the money or language kind.

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Say Hi! to Lyn, she manages the projects and is a trained and certified hi-sayer

+32 (0)498 79 06 07


Visuals Internationals is internationally based in Brussels & Hasselt

Boomkensstraat 76
3500 Hasselt
BE 0674853150